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Uszód is situated on the left bank of the Danube, on the north-western edge of Sárköz of Kalocsa, in forests of the flood plain. The village is 10 km from Kalocsa and 15 km from Dunapataj. Several regular bus services connect the village to the above mentioned towns. The nearest railway station can be found in Kalocsa and Dunapataj, the nearest bridge - in Dunaföldvár and Baja.
It was first mentioned in records in 1318. Its name probably refers to the word 'úszó' meaning swimming. Its border was often destroyed by floods. The ancestors of the present population settled down here around 1620, which was influenced by religious factors. The majority of the settlers belonged to the Calvinist religion.
In 1935 a monument of the victims of World War I was erected, in 1992 a monument commemorating the victims of World War II was unveiled. The village holds its patronal feast on the Sunday before the Jesus' Heart feast of Kalocsa. Péter Benedek, a naive folk painter was born here, his memorial house is a listed monument. Mrs. János Kovács, a prize-winning folk artist made the traditions of Uszód well-known all over the world. She opened an exhibition in her own house presenting the relics of the peasants' life as well as her works (egg painting, egg scraping, making dolls). At present Mrs. Gábor Kun makes dolls wearing folk costumes. The village is situated right on the bank of the Danube. The beautiful bank is a favourite place for the lovers of water sports, fishing, nature and shipping.

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