Village with 1020 inhabitants 20 kms from Sárbogárd in the southern part of Fejér county. The Sárvíz flows in its vicinity. Besides finds from the Bronze Age and a Roman waggon burial place Avar graves were also excavated. After Árpád's conquest of Hungary its first founder was chieftain Bojta. After the Turkish times the resettler was the Zichy familiy. The Zichy mansion which stands by the road was planned by Mihály Pollack. Special value of Vajta is the thermal bath in beautiful surroundings. The water is rich in minerals, it is suitable both for bathing and medical treatment. The well, which has been drilled recently, gives 67.5 °C medicinal water, it contains iodid and fluorid in the largest proportion in Hungary. The bathing establishment is surrounded by a large park, playing fields and comfortable holiday homes which are ideal for families with children.

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