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It is situated 10 km from Győr. The two components of the name of the village imply that two former villages were united. The component ´Vámos´ refers to the fact that Alsóvámos used to be a toll collecting place. The part ´Szabadi´ originates from a former name, Győrszabadi, which refers to the old-time state when the residents had some privileges in the time of feudalism. It is a customs place even today, as the border station of the road traffic to the north can be found here. The bridge over the Danube has a cultural historical value. The Roman Catholic church was built in 1586, it was renovated in 1994. Vörösrét, north of the village, the protected plants of Körtvélylapos in the southwest, 4 fishing ponds in the centre of the village and the Vidra Csárda (Vidra Inn) make Vámosszabadi a popular holiday place.

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