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This dead-end village of 527 inhabitants is 17 km south of Tatabánya, in a valley of the Vértes hills, on the border of the county. The Roman Catholic Baroque church was built after the 1730s by the Germans who moved in after the Turks destroyed everything. Its most important sight is the remains of the castle above the village. It was one of the many stone castles that were built after the 1241-42 Mongol invasion and until the Turkish invasion it was unharmed. The damage was caused not only by the wars, but by the population as well, who moving back to the village used the stones for building the new houses. Luckily, in 1932 it was converted into a guest house, and in the 60s it was renovated and got its present form. In the neighbourhood there are excellent places for excursions.

Polgármesteri Hivatal, Várgesztes
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