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Village with 1,395 inhabitants 9 kms southeast of Szombathely. It was formed by the union of Lipárt and Vasszécseny. It was inhabited already in the Roman times, the Roman road connecting Savaria and Sophiane and in the Middle Ages the 'Via-publica' ran here. The name of Vasszécsény was first mentioned in 1318 in a document of the Cistercian order by the name of 'Zechun'. The word is of Slavic origin, it means 'cleared woodland'. In 1346 Szécseny became from a church estate the property of the Kanizsai family and they formed an advanced guard of Sárvár. In 1613 a bishops' council was held here. The Lutheran church was built in the 17th century by János Telekesi Török and his wife on the place where the Classicist parish-church, which was dedicated in 1837, stands. Count Alajos Batthyány built the still standing Baroque 'Old'-mansion on the site of the demolished manor (1750). The New-Ebergény mansion was built in the 1870s in Louis XVI. style. At present both of them are hotels. The shingled granary from the 18th century is a listed monument, formerly it was a monastery.

Polgármesteri Hivatal, Vasszécseny
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