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The village of 1,300 inhabitants is situated 15 km from Tatabánya, in the foreground of the north-western slopes of the Vértes hills, in picturesque environment. It was inhabited as early as the Roman times. It was first mentioned in a record by King Sigismund in 1426 under the name Somolya. Count József Esterházy brought Catholic Germans here from 1734. A tourist attraction of the village is the monument Roman Catholic church, a place of pilgrimage, with its ridge turret and with the statues by Antal Schweiger from Tata. Other sights include the neo-classical chapel in the village centre and the romantic group of ruins of the Gothic castle of Vitány, which is hidden in a nearly 70ha park forest. Pleasant excursion spots are Matthias-well, Szarvas-well and Szép Ilonka spring. A unique tradition in the village is the egg rolling competition held at Easter.

Polgármesteri Hivatal, Vértessomló
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