Large village with 8,250 inhabitants on the river Sebes-Körös. The Louis XVI. style Calvinist church was built in 1873. Treasures and clothes of church art are displayed in the exhibition arranged in the tower of the church. There is a memorial tablet on the wall of István Sinka's dwelling house and the author Pál Szabó, a frequent visitor of the poet, is commemorated by a statue. In the exhibition of excavations at the Vésztő-Mágor Historical Memorial Place the finds originating from the Neolithic, Copper Age and Bronze Age people are displayed. The celebration called "Picnic of Sárrét" is held at this Memorial Place around August 20th each year. Next to the tumulus the remains of the monastery of the Csolt clan can be seen.

Polgármesteri Hivatal, Vésztő
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