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The village of 1,314 inhabitants is situated in Transdanubia, at the edge of the Small Plain, in the area where Rábaköz and Hanság meet, 2 km west of Kaposvár.
It was first mentioned in records in 1256 but it was inhabited earlier due to its favourable location, which is shown by findings from as early as the Bronze age. In the 16th century it was one of the largest fishing villages of county Sopron. It still has several lakes with well-kept shores with parks providing pleasant relaxation for visitors as well as the locals. Next to the sports ground you can find a riding school.
Sights include the Roman Catholic church built in 1794 in baroque style, St. Imre chapel, St. Anthony chapel and the Millennium Memorial Cross. In the Community Centre you can see a permanent exhibition of ethnography presenting the old relics of the village, the national costumes and the traditional tools. The village is especially famous for the still living folk traditions, folk customs and folk games.
With the aim of preserving traditions the national cheese competition and fair has been held for three years.

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