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It is situated 22 km west of Szeged, on a flat sandy territory. It was first mentioned in the foundation document of the provostship of Dömös by King Béla II under the name Villa Sakani. Its oldest recorded name originates from the Zákány family. In the centre of the village you can find the Roman Catholic church, the Holy Trinity Parish church built in the 1800s. You can find two monuments in the centre of the village: a monument of liberation by Valéria Tóth unveiled in 1986, the other one by László Bánvölgyi commemorates the heroes of Zákányszék, who died in the World War II. It was unveiled in 1992. In Lengyel square you can see a tulip shaped splash fountain made by ceramic artist László Szalay in 2002. The cultural life of the village is famous all over the region. The nationally famous Peasant Choir of Zákányszék has history of several decades. The zither group is considered to be the second best in the country. In Móra Ferenc street you can find the Home Museum presenting the relics of the peasants life in the region.

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