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The village is situated in a sunk valley formed between the Vértes and Velencei hills. Since October 2005 it has belonged to the settlements of Vértes Nature Park. There used to be a prehistoric earthwork to the west of the village. Zámoly was first mentioned in a chronicle in the 14th century with data referring to 1046, when the fleeing King Peter heroically fought against his attackers in one of the manor-houses. The enemy was superior in numbers, they caught Peter and made him blind. The ruins of the round church in Kerekszenttamási are from the 12th century. The ruins in the cemetery of the parish-church from Árpád´s age is also a listed monument. His builder is said to have been Sámuel Aba. The village is ideal for tourism. Its fishing lake with landing stages and chalets is situated 1 km from the village. There are a lot of possibilities for hunting in the area of 3,300 hectare, which is maintained by the the Hubertus Hunting Association of Zámoly. Wine tourism is also being developed. Zámoly - because of its location - would like to join the programmes of wine tours. A riding park awaits the lovers of riding. The natural beauties of the Vértes Nature Park are easily accessible from here. Outstanding events: Zámoly Days in August at the weekend, from Friday to Sunday, before the patronal festival on St. Lawrence´s day. The Vintage Merry-making, an outstanding event in the region, is held on the third Saturday of September. Zámoly has had relations with Wallerfing in Bavaria for 11 years. Two prominent sons of the village are poet Imre Csanádi and Sándor Csoóri, poet, Kossuth prize winner. Zámoly can provide visitors with accommodation (Teleház) and high standard dining (Pedró restaurant and pub). There is also a community centre with Internet access.

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