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BON VOYAGE Utazási Iroda


Rent a Car

Organization of programmes

Excursions by ship, pleasure boat

city trips

Sightseeing in Budapest

Cultural tours


Organization of events

business trips

Address: 2000 Szentendre, Repkény u. 8. -  map
Phone: +36 (30) 944-5331 P/F: +36 (26) 316-693


Year of foundation: 1990 év

National Tourist Office number: R-0460/92/1997

Services: Organizing of incoming trips, Organizing of outgoing trips

Preferred countries: Asia, Caribbeans

Possibilities: Rent a Car, Organization of programmes, Excursions by ship, pleasure boat, city trips, Sightseeing in Budapest, Cultural tours, Guide, Organization of events, business trips

BON VOYAGE Utazási Iroda - Szentendre (Szolgáltatás: Utazási iroda)

BON VOYAGE Utazási Iroda - Hungary - Szentendre (Travel Service: Agency)

BON VOYAGE Utazási Iroda - Ungarn - Szentendre (Reiseleistung: Büro)

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