The reputation of Visegrád, which is often called the gem of the Danube bend, is due to the beautiful landscape rich in monuments and the special harmony of the traditional cultural events. The town is accessible on main road No. 11 and through the Pilis hills, or by ship on the Danube.

The region has been inhabited since the prehistoric period, but the oldest relics that can still be seen on Sibrik hill are from the Roman times. King St. Stephen, the founder of the state, declared it a county seat and he also ordered the building of a castle. Later the "high castle" was a favourite place of our great kings, the construction ordered by King Béla IV, Sigismund, Charles Robert, Matthias can still be admired.
The heritage left by the people living here can be seen at informative exhibitions in the halls of the Palace, Salamon tower and the Citadel owing to the hard work of specialists. You can see masterpieces here such as the Herkules well or the Lion's well, which are considered to be the most beautiful examples of the Hungarian Renaissance architecture. The Holy Crown was preserved in the Citadel for nearly 200 years.

The Nagy-Villám mountain sport and leisure time facilities offer excellent opportunities for active recreation in Visegrád. Two thermal baths are available for visitors, too. Special restaurants await the lovers of gastronomy and for visitors staying here for a longer time pleasant accommodation is offered.
The most famous event of Visegrád is the International Palace Festivity held at the second weekend of July, where visitors can go back to the exciting kaleidoscope of the Middle ages. You are welcome in Visegrád!

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