Town with some 16,100 inhabitants 45 km south of Budapest on road No. 50. The settlement, depopulated in the time of the Turkish occupation, was resettled in the 18th century on the initiative of landed gentry families Halász and Zlinszky. The development resulted in the construction of a number of manors and country-houses in Dabas, still making characteristic sights. The casino established for the nobility in 1836 is a fine example of neo-classical architecture, now it is a cultural centre. Marshy regions, primeval juniper woods and the habitats of orchid species as botanic rarities are nature conservation areas in the vicinity of the town. In 1838 the progressive burgesses received Lajos Kossuth's parents and brothers, when he was imprisoned. In the Calvinist church built in 1793 in the style of Louis XVI, the porcelain floral tribute can be seen, which was sent by Lajos Kossuth from Torino to his father's tomb in 1880. The one-time Kossuth-mansion can still be seen. In the modern Sports Hall, which can seat more than 2,000 spectators, national and international sports events are organized. It is also excellent for organizing concerts and exhibitions, too. Vintage parade, ball - at the end of September or at the beginning of October.

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