The county is popular due to its small towns, picturesque villages and natural values. You can find relics of the centuries of Hungarian history. The geographical centre of Hungary can be found in the county, in Pusztavacs, marked with an octagonal pyramidal tower.

The territory is rich in Roman relics, e.g. in Dunakeszi you can find the remains of a Roman bridge from the age of emperor Traianus and that of a watch-tower from the period of emperor Valentinianus.

Visegrád hill is "crowned" by the former royal castle. The Palace Games held every year introduce the everyday life of the Renaissance citadel of King Matthias to visitors. According to a legend, the Gothic hunting seat, the so-called Dogs' castle was built by the order of the fair-minded king - for his poundmasters and hunting dogs.

In the Old village of Érd you can find a Turkish relic, the 23m high minaret, which is the third relic of this kind apart from the ones in Pécs and in Eger. The Hungarian Museum of Geography preserves the heritage of great geographers.

The Grassalkovich Palace of Gödöllő has finally been given its well-deserved place - after many vicissitudes - in the list of monuments: it could become the Royal Palace of Gödöllő from a Soviet military store-house.

In Nagymaros a mediaeval hermit's cave was found. In several settlements of the county including Dunakeszi you can see ruins of Romanesque abbeys and churches.

The name of Százhalombatta (one hundred hills) refers to the tumuli with wooden structures which were made by the inhabitants of the territory in the Bronze and Iron ages. The archaeological findings and the restored houses can be seen in the Park of Archaeology. Szentendre attracts visitors with the Open-air Museum of Ethnography presenting the folk architecture and lifestyle of the regions of Hungary.

The landscape is wonderful in the county: from the Julianus look-out tower of Nagymaros you can see as far as the Mátra hills in fine weather. Between Pilisvörösvár and Piliscsaba you can find the longest -nearly 1km long - tunnel of Hungary, through which you can travel by a nostalgic train with a steam engine.

A unique monument of Hungary is the imposing neoclassical Triumphal arch of Vác, which is also called Kőkapu (Stone gate) built by bishop Migazzi for the reception of Maria Theresa. In Dabas you can see beautiful neoclassical mansions, while in Budakeszi a masterpiece of modern architecture can be found, the Calvinist church with a wooden structure designed by Péter Basa. The church is known as the memorial church of the Hungarians living outside the borders.

The baroque monuments include ecclesiastical (Blagovestenska Serbian Orthodox church in Szentendre) and secular buildings, as well (the mansion of Ráckeve).

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