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The town with nearly 25,000 inhabitants lying next to the joint section of motorways M1 and M7 is the western gateway of Budapest. It was first mentioned in documents in 1236. Budaörs preserves the name of a chieftain of Árpád's tribe (Örs). The Buda part of the name (similarly to the other settlements) refers to belonging to the region. In the Middle Ages it was a church estate. A legend of the hill of Törökugrató holds that one of the conquering Turkish leaders, so that he could avoid falling into captivity, made his blindfolded horse jump down from the top of the cliff into the depth. During the Turkish rule it was devastated, the Zichy family settled Germans here at the beginning of the 18th century. Because of its location it became a famous wine- and peach producing place. Until the end of World War II. it was a typical German settlement.
One of the most beautiful buildings of the town is the two hundred year-old Roman Catholic church in the centre. It is ornamented with Baroque and early Classical sculptures and paintings. There is a popular style statue of Saint Vendel in the churchyard. An important cultural collection is the Exhibition of Archaeology presenting relics from the prehistoric, the Roman periods and from the Middle Ages. The Heimatmuseum presents the way of life and everyday life of the German population before the displacement. The characteristically bleak Odvas hill is a nature conservation area.
Budaörs is a dynamically developing modern town, and it is attractive for the inhabitants as well as for visitors. Many companies have settled here contributing to the development of the town. The standard of services in the town is improving fast almost reaching the standard of the capital city, but at the same time it has managed to preserve the atmosphere of a lovely, small town. Its most important cultural event is The Festival of Budaörs. The people of the town say farewell to summer on the Day of Budaörs.

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