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Fóti-Somlyó Tanösvény (DINPI)

Address: 2151 Fót,
Phone: +36 (30) 663-4653 Fax: +36 (1) 200-1168


Opening hours during the season: I.01.-XII.31.

Other information:

The 288m high Fóti-Somlyó emerging from the Pesti plain is uniquely rich in species. Due to this fact a part of the hill was declared as a protected area in 1952. Its nearly 4 km long study trail was opened to the public in April 2003. Its starting station is at the Fáy press-house, which was a popular meeting place of the greatest figures of the reform period from 1820. On the way visitors can see the breeding holes of the colourful bee-eaters, they can get to know the complicated life of zephyr blues and from the top of the hill they can see the sights of Fót, as well. One of the oldest pubescent oak trees in Hungary can also be found here.

Fóti-Somlyó Tanösvény (DINPI) - Fót (Látnivaló: Nemzeti park)

Fóti-Somlyó Tanösvény (DINPI) - Hungary - Fót (Sight: National Park)

Fóti-Somlyó Tanösvény (DINPI) - Ungarn - Fót (Sehenswürdigkeit: Nationalpark)

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