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It is situated in the north of Bakony hill, near the Castle of Csesznek, 15km from Zirc, along the brooks Dudar and Aranyos. The village of nearly 1,000 inhabitants was first mentioned in records in 1392. The village hidden in the hills is attractive and beautiful due to the fir, beech and oak forests. The marked tourist routes offer hiking possibilities to the neighbourhood of the Castle of Csesznek, as well as to Gézaháza, to the precipice at Ördög-ditch, from Ördög meadow to the legendary Kőpince-cave. Fishing is offered in the pond of Hajmáspuszta belonging to the village. The Telehouse opened in the Community Centre is becoming more and more popular.
The Catholic and the Calvinist Churches were built at the end of the 18th century. In the front garden of the Calvinist church a mille-centenary memorial stone was placed in 1996. It is interesting that the stone comes from the wall remains of a mediaeval sanctuary. In the front gardens of the churches you can find monuments of the heroes of the World Wars. Translator and member of the Hungarian Academy of Science, István Szabó was born in the village, who became famous for his translation of classical Greek works. In the village you can find the resting places of poet Rozita Pálos and of peasant poet Bálint Nagy.

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