Village with 1,000 inhabitants 11 km northwest of Karcag. The temperature of the water of the medicinal bath is 56 °C, it is medicinal water with alkali hydrogene-carbonate and iodine providing favourable effect on locomotor disorders (calcification of the spinal column, the hip and knee-joints) and also suitable for rehabilitation after accidents. Visitors are welcome to the park with seven pools, two thermal water pools and medical treatments. The modern building complex of the House of Reconciliation of the Calvinist church and the Glass Factory are worth visiting, the latter one is famous for its tiffany glass products. Angling of various fishes in the lakes is managed by the local angling association during the whole year. Remarkable programme of Berekfürdő is the "Berekfürdő Summer" each week-end cultural programmes are organized for the visitors on the territory of the bath. Further famous events of the settlement are the Creative Camp of the Fine Arts, the folk art fair, National Meeting of Pensioners and the writers' camp.

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