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One of the settlements of Bakony with the cleanest air , 20 km from Pápa, surrounded by oak, beech and pine forests. The name of the village is of Hungarian origin, probably it originates from the union of the words 'farkas' (wolf) and 'gyepü" (fence made from thorny bush). It was first mentioned in 1401 in the age of king Sigismund. The surroundings of the village are rich in springs, its subalpine air attracts a lot of visitors. An attraction of nature is the Csurgókút waterfall, which was formed due to the difference of level of Köves brook. Pisztrángos (Trout) lake and its surroundings spread tranquility, too. The wonderful forests and the abundance of game made it a favourite place for King Matthias , A spring abounding in water has preserved his name. The hiking paths make it possible to learn the Bakony and become fond of nature. The campsite, motel and restaurant provide comfort. Sights: The more than 100-year-old stone church above the village and the parochial garden. Other sights: houses of the former sawmill, one-time Weisz Inn, collecting room of the knowledge of the country. Since 1920 a TB Sanatorium has been operating in the village of subalpine climate.

Polgármesteri Hivatal, Farkasgyepű
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