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Homokbödöge of 750 inhabitants is situated at the foot of the Bakony, in beautiful surroundings, 13 km from Pápa. The romantic landscape of the Bakony offer unforgettable experiences to visitors. The village has several values and natural beauties. The monument buildings of the village include the baroque Calvinist church, the Lutheran church with a baroque-eclectic facade and the neoclassical Roman Catholic church. It has hiking opportunities on well-marked tourist trails (Homokbödöge, Nagytevel-Király-kapu – Bakonybél). On your tour the Kovács farm is a pleasant lay-by in a beautiful part of the Bakony. If you visit the village to spend some unforgettable days with your friends or with your school class, accommodation for 20 persons is available in the Bakonyalja tourist house. The school in the village offers sports facilities such as a handball court, a sports ground and a skittle ground.

Polgármesteri Hivatal, Homokbödöge
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