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Hungary - Nagyesztergár
in Nagyesztergár:  

The village lying in the North-Bakony belongs to the Central Transdanubia region, to county Veszprém and to the Statistical Small region of Zirc. It is the most easily accessible from road No. 82 (Veszprém-Győr).
It was first mentioned in records under the name Wzturgar in 1270. The name originates from the Slavic word 'strugar' meaning a carver, a turner, which was translated according to the Hungarian traditions, thus it got the name Esztergár, which later was divided into Nagyesztergár and Kisesztergár (the present Kardosrét). In 1751 German settlers arrived in Nagyesztergár, who dealt with logging, charring and sheep breeding. As a result of relocations after World War II, Hungarian families from Slovakia settled down here. In April 1973 it became part of Zirc and it was not until January 1993 that it became independent again. As the coal mine of Dudar was closed, the inhabitants are employed by the local businesses or in the factories of Zirc and Veszprém. Public utilities including the drinking water network, the sewage system, telephone, gas and cable TV are all available in the village.
Its outstanding sight is the Roman Catholic church built between 1796 and 1798. Poet Pál Ányos was born here. Visitors to Nagyesztergár can enjoy the peaceful friendly atmosphere of the village. The Bakony hills and the surroundings are excellent excursion spots.

Községi Önkormányzat, Nagyesztergár
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Hungary - Nagyesztergár

Ungarn - Nagyesztergár

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