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The settlement is on the right bank of the Tisza, 25 km north of Szolnok and it has got a population of 1735. Its single-aisled Baroque church was built by Sámuel Haller landowner between 1776-84. The village has three monuments commemorating the three main fights of the Hungarians in 20th c. The history of the village is introduced in the village museum, which got place in the furnished house of a well-off farmer. In Majzik Viktor street there is another monument building, a thatched fisher house. Not far from it we can see the Baroque statue of St. John of Nepomuk from 1801. But the real fame of the village is a special type of cherry, called Germersdorf, which was domesticated by György Petrovay at the end of 19th c. Now the biggest cherry-orchard of the country is here, as well as the only cherry tree collection, in which more than a hundred types of cherry trees can be seen. In every July the village organizes a cherry festival. The Tisza in the neighbourhood belongs to a nature conservation area and in summer it is a popular bathing resort.

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