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Large village with about 1,505 inhabitants 60 kms north of Budapest on the road No. 2. The county was named after this settlement. It is situated in a picturesque deep valley, its main attraction is the castle with historic past. It was already in the 11th century one of the pillars of the kingdom, the centre of the county. Later it was owned by the bishop of Vác, King Matthias, the Turks, Bocskai's and Bethlen's troops. In 1685 the tower was struck by lightning and the owner of that time, Csonka bey demolished the remaining parts. So the strategic role of the Nógrád castle was ended. Sigths: the Catholic church dedicated in 1757, the Lutheran church built in 1865, the House of Ethnic Slovaks and the row of wine cellars. The surrounding forests, fields and mountain springs are ideal for lovers of hiking.

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