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The village of 1,200 inhabitants is situated 54 km from Budapest, in the south-west of county Nógrád, at the foot of Naszály-hill, in the valley of Brooks Lókos and Hangya in a territory of 2,000 ha. It was first mentioned in records in 1317. Its Roman Catholic Church was built in 1415. The Gyurcsányi-Scitovszky mansion was built in 1809 in a 4 ha primeval park in the middle of the village. The statue of St. Florian on the facade of the old Catholic school was made around 1780. In 1933 a neolithic stone axe was found in the territory of the village, in 1952 tombs from the age of Avars were found, proving that the village has been inhabited for more than one thousand years. Its 51 ha water reservoir is used for tourism and fishing apart from flood protection and irrigation. The guest house on the lake shore is suitable for conferences and family occasions. The territory is full of natural beauties, it has 500 real estates with all public utilities, its forests outside the village are rich in game.

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