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It is situated in the Bakony Mountains, 3 km east of Zirc, on road No. 82. It was named by the Walloon craftsmen arriving in the village. The origin of its name was the French "vlaszi", later it became Ulaszi and Olaszi. It was first mentioned in a record from the abbey of Bakonybél in 1478. There are a lot of findings from the age before Árpád's conquest of Hungary in the village. The fragments from late Bronze Age in Irtás dűlő, from prehistoric, late Bronze Age and Roman times refer to the settlement. There were findings from the Roman times found also in Felsőpere. The village has been administratively independent since 1 January 1993. Owing to its clean and peaceful surroundings it has become a popular holiday place. Lovers of nature can go for a pleasant walk in Eperjes, which is a protected area or in the botanic garden at Alsóperepuszta. Its important sights include the Roman Catholic Church built in Baroque style in 1764, where you can find a B. Krause altar-piece, the House of Fine arts, a Memorial of World War II, and the statue of Villax Ferdinand by Béla Raffay.
Programmes of the village: the Carneval of the Elderly, the Ball of Easter Sprinkling, the Ball on Women's Day, Potato Harvest, Village Day, Feast on the puszta, Village days of High-Bakony (last week of May), Sunday of the Holy Trinity, International Peace and Friendship - Fine Arts Camp (August), International Potato Harvest Festival (September), Children's Day.

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