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Large village with 5,000 inhabitants 20 km from Lake Balaton. Its history goes back to the Middle Ages. Later, since the 18th century Peitho, Péth-puszta, had been famous for its spring of medicinal water and its bath. In 1950 the medicinal water disappeared that is why the development stopped. The village has become famous for the factory of artificial fertilizer (built at the beginning of the 1930s) and its product, 'péti salt' (a special type of artificial fertilizer). It was attached to the town of Várpalota in 1951. It has been an independent settlement again since 1st October 1997. Because of its beautiful surroundings (the closeness of Bakony hills and the nearby fishing ponds) as well as its good geographical location (the closeness of Székesfehérvár, Veszprém and Balaton) there is a good possibility of the development of tourism. The Saint László Roman Catholic church was built in 1931 using the elements of the ecclesiology of Székelyföld (belfry with a wooden tower, coffered ceiling). The sport and cultural facilities await visitors all year round. The village awaits visitors in winter, too, the ice rink is open from November to March.

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