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Village with 1,786 inhabitants in the Danube Bend. The Calvinist church was originally built for the Paulite order in 1685. The church and the tower were rebuilt in 1818 and in 1921 respectively. The Catholic church is from 1820. The Heckenast mansion was built in 1860 by the publisher and printing press owner Gusztáv Heckenast, who actively took part both in the revolution of 1848 and in the preparation of the Compromise. His guests were great men of letters like Arany, Jókai, Vörösmarty, Sándor Kisfaludy, József Eötvös, Vajda, Tompa and Gyulai. Ön Hosszú Hill the remains of the Roman limes fortress Castra ad Herculem can be seen.

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