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Village with about 1,000 inhabitants, on 465 m (the second highest point of the Bakony). It is famous for its wind mills, but a lot of excursionists come because of the beautiful surroundings, too. One of the most popular excursion targets of the Gaja brook valley in the Nánai forest is the Roman bath. The most important sights are the Helt's and Ozi's windmills with six paddles. Being the only ones in the country each of them is a rarity of the history of industry. The smithery near the mills which preserves the memory of the craftsmen, cartwrights, smiths and shoeing-smiths of Tés can be visited. The heart of the Bakony, Zirc, is located 17 kms from the village. The other nearby town is Várpalota. Popular porgramme is the three-day Village Days Festival, which is organized on the second weekend of June. Important event in the life of the village is the patronal festival on 20th August.

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