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A village of 1,383 inhabitants on the left bank of Lake Tisza. It offers an ideal place for angling, camping and boat harbour. Simple, well-equipped village homes await those who long for peace and relaxation. The Calvinist church, a listed monument built in the 1700s, the Borbély mansion and the ruins of the Dominican church of the Blessed Virgin built of brick in the 12th century are in the centre of the village. The area, surrounded by the Cserőköz backwater of the river, is a nature reserve. The so called English oak trees, the species of orchid blooming only here in the world and the vetch of Kunság are also under protection. The village was one of the old estates of the Tomaj family. Referred to as Ders it is mentioned in the list of papal tithes as early as 1337.

Polgármesteri Hivatal, Tiszaderzs
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