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One of the oldest villages of the Middle-Tisza region. With 2.006 inhabitants it is situated on the left bank of the river Tisza, 16 km from Lake Tisza. It has been a well-known crossing-place from the Middle Ages. It was first mentioned in the Regestrum of Várad under the name Rowei Rof from 1212. Its Calvinist church was consecrated in 1762 and got its present form after the reconstruction in 1847, thus the building complex consists of a mediaeval tower and a single-ailed church built later with a flat ceiling. The former Borbély-mansion was built at the beginning of the 19th c. in the style of the age of Louis XVI. of France. Today it is a 4-star hotel. The village hall, the building of the police station were built in eclectic style, while the former tobacco purchase building shows elements of Art Nouveau. Near the village the bank of the river and the floodplain are part of a nature conservation area, the dead-channel of the river is considered to be a 'sanctuary'. In summer it is a popular resort.

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