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The settlement is 20 km west of Cegléd, by the old road 4. Its Lutheran church was bult in 1778 and has a richly decorated facade. Tessedik Sámuel, the famous botanist was born in the vicarage. There is a memorial plaque on the wall. The Roman Catholic church from the middle of 18th c. got its present form at the end of 19th c. The Classical building of the synagogue is from the same time. In the garden of the Catholic church there is the Baroque statue of St. John of Nepomuk. The buildings of the music school and the parish hall used to be the mansions of the well-to-do Irsay family. The exhibition of the village museum is about he history of the village, especially about he every day life of the Slovakian settlers who came in 18th c. The nearby Dolina- and Hársas-dűlő are protected areas because of their invaluable flora and fauna. The bath is also worth visiting because its water has a medicinal effect. The fishing pond is a perfect place for anglers.

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