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It is one of the oldest settlements of county Pest. It is the first village you can find along road No. 5 coming from Budapest.
It was first mentioned in records by King Béla IV in 1267 under the name "Nywyg", which refers to the verb 'nyűni' meaning to wear out. The village became famous for the animal cemetery findings from the Copper age (the Baden and Sarmatian cemeteries). The findings from the Bronze age were excavated in Kenderföldek and Nagyhegy. The population was mainly Calvinist in the 17th century, their church was built in 1458. In 1718 the bishop of Vác brought a Catholic priest to the village, and the church became Catholic in 1719. In Szabadság square you can see the restored monument commemorating the victims of World War I. After 1945 a new period began, the distribution of land brought changes in the life of the village.
The village is one of the most important settlements of the horticultural belt in the vicinity of Budapest. You can find rare natural beauties in the neighbourhood.

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