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The village with 9,538 inhabitants was formed by the union of the villages from the age of the Árpáds, Bia and Torbágy in 1966. It was first mentioned in records as 'Biua' field at Torbágyerdő in 1192 in the registration of estates. The oldest architectural remain is the Saint Cross Church from the 11th century, which has been rebuilt several times. The Maria Church in Torbágy is also from the Middle Ages. The Calvinist church was rebuilt in 1870 in Bián romantic style. A statue of the Holy Trinity stands near the neo-Classical Saint Ann church. At present there are schools in the Szily-Fáy castle and in the Sándor-Metternich castle, which were built according to Joseph Hild's plans. Its natural surroundings - especially the ledge of the western edge of Tétény-Sóskút plateau ( the medieval Torbágyerdő), Nyakaskő with its spectacular formation, the Iharos forest and the Pecató (Fishing pond) - attract a lot of people. The one-time railway-bridge (the 'Viadukt') reminds us both of Szilveszter Matuska's ill-famed attempt and the great period of the Hungarian railway and bridge construction at the end of the 19th century.

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