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The history of the large village with 15,000 inhabitants at the west foot of János mountain dates back to the Hungarian Conquest. Frescoes by Falconieri and a carved baroque pulpit are among the treasures of the Baroque Roman Catholic church consecrated in 1761. Next to it the unearthed ruins of a Romanesque church and the building of the Baroque parish can be seen. Today the former manorial and representative building of the Zichy estate serve as the mayor's office. The house and bust of the composer Ferenc Erkel are also in Budakeszi, where Erkel Days are organized in early June. The Game Reserve, a nature conservation area, is a favourite place of excursion. Makkosmária church, the famous shrine of pilgrimage lying in the outskirts of the village and accesible by cars too, attracts many visitors.

Polgármesteri Hivatal, Budakeszi
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