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It was first mentioned in records under the name of "Bevd" in 1346. The border of the village is situated in the north of Kiskunság, in the region of gravel-pits, so the lakes are characteristic parts of the countryside around the village. Among its natural values, the most important is its rich wildlife. Foreigners often come hunting for roe-deers, hares, and pheasants. It's rich in birds. Its unique plant is the iris (iris pumila), which can be found in large numbers in Ürbőpuszta, in a protected territory. Its centre has the atmosphere of a small town. In the triangular Baroque square you can find the Roman Catholic St. Adalbert Church, which was arranged to be built by count Károly Eszterházy, the Bishop of Vác in 1761. You can also find the former Beleznay-mansion here. On its wall a plaque commemorates the visit of György Bessenyei and Ferenc Kazinczy to the village. The Protestant Church was built in 1783. Next to the church you can find a former "shame stone" which probably was an Avar tomb before. In the Israelitish cemetery of the village marble tombs can be seen. A spectacular event in the village is the vintage procession in October.

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