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The village of 4,509 inhabitants is situated 60 km south-east of Budapest, between Albertirsa and Cegléd. The name of the village, ’bercel’ comes from the Turkish ’barszil’ referring to Turkish people who arrived here together with the conquering Hungarians. They lived here for more than two hundred years, until the Mongol invasion in 1241. The village was first mentioned in records in 1281. Today the György Dózsa Community Centre is the venue for cultural programmes, where amateur groups (Choir, Rozmaring Dance group, Handicrafts club etc.) are also working. The centre also hosts other important events in the life of the village. The village has a sports ground and it also offers fishing and hunting opportunities for visitors. The village museum has been awaiting visitors since 1996. In the traditionally furnished building you can see the works of local craftsmen, embroidered curtains, tablecloths, bed benches and national costumes as parts of the museum collection. Near the border of the village you can find a several hundred ha vineyard with a modern wine making plant and cellars. The famous wine of the László Unghváry winery, the ’Cserszegi fűszeres’ is produced here. A beautiful sight of the village is the Roman Catholic church dedicated again in 2000, which awaits visitors with beautifully renewed interior and exterior. In 1945 640 inhabitants of the village were taken to a forced labour camp, 159 of whom never returned home. To commemorate these victims, a monument was erected in the village in 1991 and since then a memorial light has been lit on 4 November every year and this day has been declared a commemoration day by the Local council.

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