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Village of resort character in Pilis mountains, at the foot of Nagy and Kis Kevély (Large and Small Kevély hill), at the western foot of the wall-rock of Oszoly hill, accessible from the road of Pomáz-Pilisszentkereszt, or from road 10. Majority of its inhabitants were Germans till World War II. Upon removal of population, the deserted houses were occupied by significant number of Hungarian and Csángó settlers. Single-aisled Greek Orthodox church of baroque style of the village was built in 1746. The Catholic church consecrated in honour of Saint Imre is from the last century. The main altar and the altar-piece showing Saint Anne are presumably great baroque works brought there from the former church. The renovated church (Kegytemplom) of the village is erected in Szentkút, on the hill-side of Hosszú hegy, next to a spring in the vicinity. Saint Hubertus chapel in the resort area of the village got damaged during World War II was nicely renovated recently. Margitliget Sanatory currently operating as an institution for the education of mentally defective children is located along the road running to Csobánka. A few great opportunities of touring are offerred in the vicinity.

Polgármesteri Hivatal, Csobánka
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