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The village is situated at the north-western edge of Gödöllő hills near Budapest, on the long-distance road No. 31. It was first mentioned in records in 1135. You can find the 18th-century statue of Saint John of Nepomuk at the brook Szilas going through the village. The Roman Catholic and the Lutheran churches were built in the 19th century in neo-classical style. Highly protected area is the Csömör ancient marsh, which was formed by the Szilas brook into the deposit of the ancient Danube. You can enjoy its beauty spots on foot or riding a bicycle: the Vineyard, which is at the same height as the Citadel, offers a picturesque view of the capital city, and Hungaroring is just a few minutes' walk from here. The cottages of the old village with porches and columns preserve the characteristic features of the Swabian-Slovak architecture. The relics of folk culture can be seen in the Village Museum of Csömör. Its colourful cultural programmes: the Village Days of Csömör under the name of Whitsun Festival, and the Wedding festival. The wine competition at the beginning of the year is closed by the vintage festival in autumn lasting several days. A unique event in Hungary is the Corpus Christi liturgy in June, when the village is beautifully decorated with flowers.

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