Village eastwards of Budapest, along highway M3, accessible via the Aszófő exit. Former there was an earthwork of the Arpadian age on the territory of the village. Till the first half of the 16th century Domony belonged to the Domonyi family however the village was destroyed during the Turkish times, in the war of fifteen years. In 1695-96 Lutheran Slovaks were settled there, and Catholic Hungarians were also resettled in the village. Main street of the village is almost blocked up by the Lutheran church of cross plan. Tower was built for the church consecrated in 1777 only in 1810, and it was enlarged in 1848. Replica of RaffaelloŚs painting ŚTransfigurationŚ is placed as altar-piece in the church. The pulpit decorated with statues of angels is of late Baroque style. Domonyi mansion of neoclassic style built in 1820 is today used as an old peopleŚs home while the mayorŚs office is housed in Both-Baghy mansion erected around 1830. Today apartments belonging to the government of the village are housed in the late Baroque edifice of Ónody mansion (end of the 18th century). The Domony valley district of the village also belongs to the administrative area of Domony where, besides a few artificial lakes, a resort area of pleasant atmosphere is being established.

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