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Dormánd is situated on the Heves plain, 3 km south of Füzesabony. At the border of the village an axe from the Copper age was found, while in the Csörsz ditch late Bronze age and Sarmatian tombs were excavated. Archaeologists found a cemetery from the Avar age and from the period of Hungarian conquest on Hanyi-puszta and the remains of a 11th-12th century settlement on Hanyihalom. It was first mentioned in records in 1291 under the name Buger-Besenyő, while in 1393 it was called Dormán-háza. In the 19th century the village had several owners including the Remenyik family, a member of which was writer Zsigmond Remenyik, who was born here. The monument Roman Catholic church was built between 1771 and 1773 in rococo style. The baroque statue of Mary in the church garden was erected by the landlord Mihály Sághy around 1800. On the base of the statue you can see his family's coat of arms.

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