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Small town on the bank of the Ráckeve branch of the Danube built in the neighbourhood of Budapest. It flourished during the reign of King Matthias, but during the Turkish invasion it was destroyed and became depopulated. Maria Theresa resettled a German-speaking population in the area. Then Buda was liberated and reconstruction started. For two hundred years Haraszti was a small but constantly developing German-speaking village until in 1880 with the building of the railway a new era began. The village became a popular resort of the citizens of the capital. In 1900 it got its present name. The neo-Classical Town Hall was built in 1830. The other monument building of the town is the mansion built by Ferdinánd Laffert in the 1710s. There is an exhibition about the history of the town. In the building of the secondary school there is a gallery of modern arts. This branch of the Danube is an excellent place for water sports, the Danube-Tisza channel is the paradise of anglers and the clear mine-ponds are also favoured by holiday makers both from Budapest and abroad.

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