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Village with 2,500 residents beyond Gödöllő, close to M3 motorway. The Roman Catholic church was consecrated for the veneration of Saint Martin in 1722. There is a Statue of the Holy Trinity on the eastern side of the church from the first half of the 19th century. In the fields of the village Pool Bika (a water reservoir) is in a beautiful environment, offering a popular site also for anglers. Some nice footpaths in a park have been constructed in the area of the 200 years old cemetery situated on the left side of Fő road. Galgahévíz lies in the northeastern corner of Pest county, 10 km from Aszód. The village has been called "Hévíz" (=Thermal water) since the Middle Ages, referring to the thermal springs breaking out at the border of the village. Both colourful and white embroidery are being made in the village famous for its folk art and folk costumes nowadays, too. The Group of Tradition Conservation gained national fame with its songs and dances. Places of excursions include the Szentandrás hill and its vicinity, and Lake Bika.

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