The village of nearly 3,000 inhabitants is situated in the middle of county Pest, in the southern slopes of the Gödöllő hills, 9 km from Monor. The oldest secrets of Gomba are preserved by Castle hill, which dates back to 1600 B.C. It was first mentioned in records on 1 August 1337, when the village was owned by the Gombai (Gombay) family. The sights of the village include mansions and country-seats from the 17th-18th century (Patay, Szemere, Fáy, Perczel), most of which have been renewed. The Mayor’s Office is based in the Fáy country-seat. In the centre of the village you can find the neo-baroque Calvinist church built in 1776 and renewed in 2006, as well as a millennium monument. We recommmend our visitors the local history tourist trail opened in 2005, which presents the mansions, country-seats and among others –castle hill. You can visit the natural science study trail in the garden of the Fáy country-seat. The natural beauties of the village offer excellent routes for hiking – by riding a horse, by cycling or even on foot.

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