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The village with 3,941 inhabitants is located 50 kms south-east of Budapest on a 2,540 hectare area. The M5 highway goes by the eastern part of the village, the E5 road from Dabas and the railway line Budapest-Lajosmizse-Kecskemét also pass by here. This 'enclosure' has opened the world for the village, as Budapest and other big cities are easily accessible on these routes. Hernád was first mentioned in documents on 7th August in 1388. The outlaw, Imre Bogár (Szabó), had his hiding place here. His name has been preserved in the part of Hernád called Bogár balk. Hernád was attached for 120 years to several villages. It regained its independence on 1st January 1984. In 1901 archeologists excavated finds from the Avar age. It has been famous for its Meat and poultry processing factory since 1970. The cultural life in Hernád has also developed a lot: the Hernád branch of György Cziffra Art School of Örkény has operated in a separated building. A House of Regional Culture was established for the collection of local history in the autumn 2001.

Polgármesteri Hivatal, Hernád
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