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The village is situated 35 km from Budapest. It is within a half an hour's ride from Budapest or from Kecskemét on M5 highway. It has 4,421 inhabitants and it is one of the most dynamically growing villages of the region.
It was first mentioned in records in 1263 under the name Inarch, which comes from the old Turkish word 'inal'. Tourists who arrive in the village by taking the national Blue sign route and who wish to relax are welcome in the inns of the village and the surrounding picturesque groves offering horse riding and sports facilities. Sights include the Roman Catholic church built in the 1960s and dedicated to Virgin Mary, with a relief of St. Stephen on its wall; the Tolnay mansion, which is one of the most beautiful examples of eclectic style; the bronze statue of Lajos Tolnay; the Heroes' monument; a sports park with an open-air stage and a sports house; the centre of the Eastern Europe Mission; St. George Mansion; Dezső Zrumeczky Community Centre and Library; a memorial plaque and monument of Zrumeczky; the rustic statues by Ferenc Polyák called "Peasant citizens", 'Sign cross' and 'Sign bell'.
Programmes: Folk Dance Festival (20 August), Village days of Inárcs (Whit Sunday), Vintage procession (1 Oct.), Wine exhibition and competition (the end of January- the beginning of February).

Polgármesteri Hivatal, Inárcs
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