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The village is situated in the northern tip of Szentendre-island, 40 km from Budapest, embraced by the Small- and Great-Danube surrounded by the Pilis and Börzsöny hills.

From the village there is a beautiful view of the Visegrád Castle and the vineyards of Nagymaros on the bank of the river. It is part of the Ipoly-Danube National Park, one of the most popular resorts of the Danube-bend with its beautiful nature, architecture and protected primeval fauna and flora.

It was first mentioned in records in 1394 under the name Orosz. In 1631 it was mentioned in the charter by Ferdinand II as the village of Kisoroszi. At the beginning of the 20th century it had about 1000 inhabitants. Today it has fallen to 779. In summer, however, the population rises up to 3-4000, when holiday homes of the vineyards, camping places of the primeval end of the island fill up with people who like camping and water tours. Outstanding Hungarian artists choose the village to settle down or spend their holidays here, contributing to the art and cultural life of the village.

Monuments: Roman Catholic church, Protestant Church, the Ervin Baktay Western Museum in the Community Centre, which is unique. Permanent programmes: 3-day Danube ceremony on the first weekend of July, vintage festival on the third Saturday of September, youth, art and cultural camps by PIMM Foundation during the whole summer.

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