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Village on the north-eastern outskirts of Budapest, in the vicinity of Solymár. It has been inhabited since the Roman times, graves and a Jupiter altar were uncovered on the area. Its name refers to the fact that in the Middle Ages the king's smiths and ironworkers used to live here. The Roman Catholic church from 1746 is in Baroque style, as well as the Maria statue in Kossuth Lajos street. The Saint Sebastian chapel is dedicated to the cholera epidemic of 1737. Some parts of the Roman findings were found in the building of the parish, which was built in 1840. These parts were also used for the construction. The Teleki-Tisza castle in classicist style was built in the first half of the 19th century. At the Kolozsvári bridge there is a propitiatory memorial for the deported German population. The surrounding hills belong to the Buda nature conservation area and ideal for excursions.

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