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Pécel is situated near Budapest, in the western edge of the Gödöllő hills. It is a juntion of tourist routes, a village with clean air. It was first mentioned in records in the 13th century. You can find several monuments in the village (e.g. the Fáy-mansion, the Pekáry-mansion), but the most important of them is the Baroque Ráday-mansion (1730), the restored halls of which are open to the public. The mansion regularly houses exhibitions of fine arts, concerts, science conferences. Pécel was awarded the rank of town in 1996 and has been developing dynamically since then. It has more than 13,000 inhabitants now. The inhabitants are proud of the fact that they have been able to preserve the natural beauties, historical traditions, cultural values. A lot of famous people were born in the village: Pál Ráday, Gedeon Ráday, Pál Szemere, András Fáy, Ferenc Fáy, Ervin Lázár, Laura Faragó, Zsuzsa Pannonhalmi, Zsigmond Karsai.

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