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The village with about 1500 inhabitants is located 54 kms south-east of Budapest. It was first mentioned in documents in 1280 by the name of Och. The name of the village changed several times, it became a famous place of pilgrimage around 1440. The church with Gothic characteristics was built at that time, its present remains are listed monuments, the material of the 12 m high walls is stone and brick. A sculptural group of wooden headboards of the 13 martyrs of Arad and a carved wooden column erected in memory of the Masters stand in front of the church. The Saint Augustine church is in the centre of the village. The churchyard with its old trees and plants is of significant value. Pusztavacs gained a reputation in the country when cartographers identified the geographical centre of Hungary on this area. A 11 m high octagonal pyramid was built in 1978 by the plans of the architect, József Kerényi. It was renovated in 2002. The surroundings of the tower are popular holiday places. The beautiful woody countryside is also a great attraction. This nature reserve area is situated 500 m north of the village.

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