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Village with more than 1000 inhabitants in the southern corner of Pest county, between the eastern slopes of the Vértes and the southern foothills of Buda hills in the valley of Zámor brook. It was inhabited at the beginning of Árpád's age, its name originates from the name of the noble family, Zumur. The Puszta prefix refers to the desolution under the Turkish rule. The 18th century Barcza mansion was rebuilt several times, it is an eclectic building in this present form in the surrounding 3 hectare primeval park. Today it is an exclusive mansion hotel for riders with a precious art collection in its banqueting hall. The belfry in the centre made of stones of Sóskút was built on the 900th anniversary of Prince Saint Imre's death with the statue of Saint Imre on its side. A monument was erected in memory of the heroes of World War I. and II. and the War of Independence in 1848. The villagers hold their open air programmes also on this square. Sight of the Catholic auxiliary chapel is the Venetian white marble Christ statue from the 19th century. The most famous sight of Pusztazámor can be seen in the churchyard: the 18th century hermitage of Zámorhegy - with a bell-house and monastic cells - a a unique Baroque listed monument. Other sights: Village and Korláth cross and Barcza Imre meadow cross. The works of the artists (glass-engraver, publisher, sculptor, craftsman) living in the village contribute to the cultural life.

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